Yozen Mind Counseling Center in Chennai was Estd in 1992 and has cured 1001 kind of Psycho-Challenges from various people. Yozen relieves your life-long Stress, Marital issues, Fears, Phobias in Students & Professionals, wipes out Guilt feeling, Bad habits, Lack of concentration, Anxiety, Depression, Suicidal feelings, Undue Anger, Obsessive disorders, Behavioral problems, illusion, Delusion and several hidden mind related challenges. Here, we are applying successful new methods in Counseling psychology along with Hypnotherapy and YoZen Mind Therapy, positively motivated 1000s of people in all age groups from different segments across the country.
These are just samples from 1000 kinds of people and their psy-challenges we addressed and cured completely! These examples never represent a particular person or particular history but in general only, to make you aware what are all the types of challenges we deal and heal here! As it is highly ethical and a strict rule in psychology, we never reveal any one’s inner treasure at any circumstances.
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1. She was, right from her kinder garden, has always been a class-topper, and in Std X public examination she secured School First as all expected. But, suddenly she is stubborn to be at home and unwilling to continue her Std XI. Why? What is the remedy?
 2. They are recently married couple and resembles, a pair made-for-each-other. At first everything was right in place and was going smooth. But, now they are insisting for a mutual-divorce. Why? How to unite them?
 3. A well educated and highly positioned professional, suddenly wants to end his life. He does not have any valid reason in his conscious mind to do so. But the impulse keeps arising within. Why? How to save his life?
4. He is the most handsome guy and who recently joined a reputed college. Hardly a week or two passed by, he just shunned that college for no reason found. Why? What is the solution?
5. Her husband is earning a decent income in an abroad country. She is looking after their children in her home town now. Though her husband and children are amicable in nature, she keeps herself tensed and dwells in unknown depressions. Why? How to relieve her?

6.  He is hailing from a middle income family and the members are depending upon him. Though he is more liable and responsible towards his duties, he is unable to continue any job for more than a few months. Why? What is the solution?

7.  She is young, good looking and knowledgeable among her colleagues. She goes little beyond her limits when moving with men at work. Though she knows it, she is unable to control her behaviour. Why? How to control herself?

8.  He was graduated from one of the world renowned university in United states. He worked there for few years and returned back to India. Though he acquires all the skills and experience to join a reputed firm, he hesitates and prefers for a small one with meagre salary. Why? How to fine tune his thinking pattern?

9.  He is an athlete with good physique. Though he seems manly and courageous outwardly he trembles and shivers inward on seeing a group of people walking towards him. Why? How to eliminate his unknown fear?

10.  He is a senior officer in his work-station and is perfect in every thing. But, he used to complain to his acquaintance that someone is constantly whispering into his ears with abusive slang for no reason!! True? Why he feel so? Solution if any?

(More Challenges to be added up…..)