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Shri Mohan BalakrishnaFounder : Yozen Therapy

About The Founder

In 1993 He discovered an Unique & Dynamic Mind-cure system naming it as “Yozen Therapy”, which combined the extracts of Eastern Yogic Systems &  Zen meditation Techniques to address all types of mind-related-challenges.

In the year 1992 he commenced a week end satsang session, free meditation and free counseling centre called “YSUC” (Yoga Science Unique Centre) at home in Perambur, Chennai and treated thousands of people especially the students and youngsters,  In the course of time very shortly He found out a way to heal people without the methods of western Hypnotherapy.  

Yes! Yozen Therapy is Very Fast, Reliable, Provable and can make the person go to the ultra-depth meditative level, wherein weeding out the adamant negatives and seeding in the life positives are done successfully.  Yes! Yozen Therapy did great wonders in 1000s of different challenging cases!

One day, as he was so passionate in the field of human psychology and healing and could not continue his dual role, he left out his Civil Engineering field and started his Unique counseling centre called “Yozen Mind” in the year 1997. As a healer from the year 1992 onwards and until this day he had roughly treated and cured successfully around 10,000 plus people for various mind-related-challenges and made permanently recovered from their problems. 

Like every one else in the path of mind, inner world and spirituality, He had been searching for something ultimate for most of the time in his Life and not finding it ever. Occasionally, He found some striking discovery of it, but could never put it altogether in comprehension.

He was in search of a complete system that could bring out a person from his predominant psychical problem which should be fast, reliable, measurable and at the same time it should be a permanent cure with No side effect at all.

YES, he did it! He found out the solution which he believes the ultimate till now  and coined the name Yozen = Yoga+ Zen Therapy. 

Shri Mohan Balakrishna was born on August 13, 1962 to a Hindu family in Tamil Nadu, India. Right from the age of 12 he was very much attracted towards the field of human psychology. So, he was started reading thousands of books on mind related subjects and was longing to meet the real genius people in that field.

He was a Civil Engineer, Poet, Orator, social activist and voracious reader. His poems are admired and appreciated high by great Tamil literates. 

Since his father was a civil contractor, he finished his civil engineering as to his father’s wish and continued his career as Civil Engineer and contractor in various segments. After his father’s demise in 1991, he no more wanted to continue his civil engineering role.

Though he read thousands of books from early child hood and learned the different kinds of meditation techniques especially the Practical Hypnotherapy from various famous Hypnotherapist in the period around 1988-1990, He was not satisfied with those mere knowledge and intellectual outcomes.

He just wanted to find out a real Diamond out of the stuffs, though he respects all the school of thoughts, all the ways and means to heal our humanity. His inquisitiveness, love and compassion towards other fellow-beings have awarded him a great reward then!!

Whenever we are ready to serve for any great cause the God/Province enters in to our ‘Atman’ or Consciousness for sure. Thus He realized in the course of time!!

Zen Therapy is the energizing therapy which directly activates one’s brain and the vital organs of the participant so that he/she feels completely rejuvenated and fresh. 

Yoga Therapy enables to implant any wanted suggestions to be carried out by the Sub-Conscious mind for his/her better welfare. It also enables one’s wandering mind to give an expression of crystal clear mind for complete concentration and blissfulness.

Simply to say ‘ Yo’ for acquiring,  ‘Zen’ to renounce any positive or negative attributes for a successfull/peaceful Life.

Yes! Everyone has a threshold for what they can handle coming at them from the world. When the threshold exceeds, we attempt to deal with being pushed over it with a variety of coping mechanisms, including anxiety, anger, depression, overwhelm, sadness, and many other negative feelings. 

When a person has a trauma during his childhood, that threshold ends up being lower than his conscious, as if the trauma has never happened, but mostly its stays permanently “inside”. Then, it reflects on the behavior and attitude throughout one’s life. 

Yozen Therapy not only removes these emotional blocks or deeply embedded engrams but also can implant wanted suggestion to be carried out by the sub-conscious mind for his/her better future. By removing these engrams or the negative impressions (vasanas) of this/previous birth Yozen succeeds in removing those persistent mind-diseases which the science itself has turned off its face. 

In conclusion let me summarize, that taking up Yozen Therapy not only it gives progress or growth or recovery from diseases but also brings out the Lion out of the “Sheep-lion’! The Real-You than ever!!

I find Yozen Therapy Really Interesting

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