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Yozen therapy is fantastic!
I am experiencing a profound and positive changes in a short period of time with anything I have done previously with different experts and methods. I am extremely pleased. 
Shankar, USA
Yozen therapy is wonderful! 
My thinking is clear compared to before even though I am still going through the same stressful time. On the inside a lot of fear anxieties are gone and I have lot more confidence in myself now. My gratitude to Mohan Balakrishna have no boundaries. I highly recommend to anyone who is seeking to improve the quality of their life. 
Arunkumar, Bangalore, India
My memory power has increased a lot…
Even though I used to work hard, I had low memory power. Therefore my academic scores used to be below average. After taking up counseling and Yozen Therapy my memory power is so strong that now my academic scores are excellent. 
Shoba, Student, Chennai, India
I’m 48, but feeling young…
I,m 48 now. Until recently I have never gone out side my home for the past 23 years, due to a strange fear. After I’ve undergone the Yozen Therapy, I am quite normal now and regained my happy life. I am feeling young now! and my only sorrow is I have lost my 23 years in other ways and means. 
Minakshi, Vellore, Tamilnadu, India
I understood the value of life…
I used to always feel like ending my life, if I get a little depressed. But for Yozen Therapy I would have been no more now. Yozen Therapy have helped me to come out my feeling to suicide. Now I have grown mentally, physically, spiritually and my abilities in my career have improved remarkably. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to grow and change. 
Santhosh, Malaysia
I have totally come out of depression now…
I am a divorcee and I had gone through a frustrating married life. Yozen Therapy have given a real change in my attitude towards life. Now I face the future with confidence and positive outlook. Thank You Mohan Balakrishna. 
Rishita, Delhi, India
Wow! I do not stammer now.
I used to stammer from the age of seven. After attending to Yozen Therapy I can’t believe My God! “I’m talking normal now”. Along with this My Confidence, Creativity,Editorail skill, IQ all have tremendously improved. I truly appreciate Yozen therapy and will spread the word till my end. 
Shivamani, Chennai, India
I had female voice though born a male.
If only I had not met the Founder of Yozen Therapy, I would be still going through those embarassing days. Thankyou, you have given me rebirth. 
Jaishankar, Trichy, Tamilnadu, India
I don’t feel like i have just taken up a therapy..
I don’t feel like I have just taken up a therapy but something real and powerful. Most importantly, I’m tremendously different now. My life is rebuliding itself before my eyes. A great deal of credit goes to Mr Mohan Balakrishna. 
Sundarrajan, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Literaly no craving for cigratte!
My addiction to smoking have subsided considerably-Now there is literaly no craving for cigratte. More than that, I feel,I have a new spectacles on my nose, when I look at the world.i.e., I have developed a lot of positive attitude towards my life. 
Narayan, Singapore
My gratitude cannot be expressed in words…
I cannot in words express my gratitude or enough of it, I had so many fears and fixation. Now my life is full of energy.Nothing heretofore has been so empowering since my experience.
Vidhya, Pondicherry, India
We would have been strangers by now!
Me and my wife were in the verge of divorce.If only we had not got counselled and undergone Yozen Therapy by now we would be two strange people.Thank you for repairing our life.
Mr & Mrs.Anil Kumar, Chennai, India
I’m Happy I Have Gained More Confidence
Just writing to let you know, how very happy I am since after taking up YOZEN THERAPY.I have gained more confidence, more energy, more peace and more awareness.Thanks again.  
Hari Prasad, Singapore
I used to hear abusive voices & obscene words… 
Suddenly I started hearing some startling noise and abusive voices into my ears, and obscenely written words on the floor too, which no body could see or hear. I slowly merged into my self-made hallucinated world. After wasting here and there several years. One day on the way I met one of my family friend.He not only told me about Yozen Therapy but also introduced me to the Yozen Centre. After undergoing Yozen Therapy , now I have come out of the night mare and leading a happy life. 
Rangachari, Mangalore, India

I am sure Yozen Therapy will make my life better

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