Yozen Mind Counseling Psychology Therapy & Self-Development Center in Chennai, T. Nagar Estd in 1992, focusing Students, Professionals Homemakers, cures 1001 Psy-Challenges in few sessions. Yozen Therapy relieves your life-long Stress, Premarital/Marital issues, Fears, Phobias, wipes out Guilt feeling, Bad habits, Lack of Concentration in Studies/Job, Social Anxiety, Depression, Suicidal Mindset, Undue Anger, Obsessive disorders, Behavior problems, illusion, Delusion, Unconscious Attitude and several hidden Mind Related tough Psy-Challenges !!

Why Many Bright Students, Professionals and VIPs Prefer ‘Yozen Mind’ Counseling Psychologist in Chennai?

  1. No Medicines, No Exercises, No side Effects.
  2. Most suitable for people with Higher IQs/ Highly intellectual/Intelligent people from all walks of life.
  3. One-Time Yozen CAD, Counseling/Assessment/Diagnosis, then few times (not more than 3 sittings usually) Yozen Therapy is more than enough to cure/solve several kind of psy issues.
  4. Long lasting Cure, strictly in FEW sessions!
  5. Experience Over 26 + years in Yozen Counseling  &  Yozen Treatment Since the year 1992.
  6. 1000s of Truly satisfied Participants from various Towns and Countries.
  7. Expertise in curing unknown FEARS & Phobias.
  8. ‘Feel at Home’ Kind of Interaction & the Opt Counseling Solutions.
  9. Assured Confidentiality and Ethics.
  10. Make a Call or SMS, do WhatsApp or a Simple Mail is Enough. We will guide You, Step by Step with due Care & Your Dignity.
  11. ☎ Call, Text & WhatsApp: 9840042904, 💻 Mail address: yozenbalki@gmail.com 
  12. Note: The person with egoistic characters, showing undue attitude and is unwilling to reform himself/herself, cannot be treated over here. We cannot waste our precious time on those such people, strictly.

(Texting would be more viable/reliable, as I couldn’t be attending calls while in Counseling/ doing Therapy. You just put a word via sms or through WhatsApp, in those times and I will reply back!)

Watch Yozen Mohan Balakrishna Videos, for an insight: http://www.youtube.com/yozenbalki

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Skype ID: “YozenBalki”

How to Reach YozenBalki Psychologist in Chennai & Get the Best Therapeutic Cure?

* Be anywhere around Tamil Nadu or any states in India. Else, you be in US, UK, Singapore, Malaysia or any Country in the World!

*It is Worthier to Visit ‘Yozen Mind’ Center from abroad countries.

* Feel Free to Contact us Today! (Indian Time 8.00 am to 10.00 pm on all days)

* Use any Mail, Temporary Skype ID, Mobile Talk, SMS, WhatsApp  Etc to reach our Yozen Help Desk.

* View My Television and Radio Interviews on Yozen Counseling Psychology and Yozen Self Development Treatment/Therapy. Do get a tremendous hope from those visuals. Truth only liberates.

* Read our Testimonials Here; to find out that many people affected psychologically like You, were cured completely!

* Please go through My Blogs and Yozen Books for further clarity.

* Just Refer to our articles published in the leading Tamil magazines.

Your Confidentiality is Highly Assured & You Can Use your “Assumed” Name also! We are here to maintain your secrecy & dignity for ever!

Key Note: Do talk to our Senior Counseling Psychologist YozenBalki over phone, hinting your prime issues. If seems treatable/curable by initial evaluation and with your preliminary interaction and satisfaction, you shall Pay an advance amount to our Bank Account to ensure/commit your further appointment date for First Counseling.

If no amount received until 48 hours in advance, the temporary appointment would be cancelled automatically and be given to other Yozen clients in waiting.

‘Time’ is our most precious resource. So, please stick to the timings and be accountable. Never find an Excuse and lame reasons to evade our mutually fixed timings and commitments.

Optional: Those who are not able to come in person can prefer at first for an ‘Audio Counseling’ through creating a temporary Skype ID, the regular WhatsApp or Google Duo for 45 min/60 min sessions, by mutually fixing a date/time before paying the total fee amount in-advance. In emergency situation we can postpone that time/date mutually also, without losing that amount. Your calls and talks are purely and ethically confidential. I value the dignity of any one. Do get well Soon.

Change your Life Positively Today with ‘Yozen Mind’ Unique Psy Counseling, Assessment, Diagnosis (CAD) & Yozen Therapy


YoZen The-Art ! 

யோஜென் உளஇயல் மய்யம்

YoZen Self Development Center

        தன்முன்னேற்ற வழிகாட்டு நெறியம்’



        Interviews on YoZen Therapy

“யோஜென் உளஇயல்”: Radio Interview: 26th Feb 1998

பொதிகை TV நேர்காணல் year 2000

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+91 9840042904

Feel Free To Call Rama in our Yozen Mind Chennai Center

‘Skype’ Psy-Counseling Available!

‘Get-Mind’ Soon !!

What We Cure:  (Mostly in  3 to 5 Days)

  • Self Improvement & Guidance  For All Normal-People Only.
  • Exam / Interview FearFor School, College & Corporate People
  • Inferiority Complex – Feeling Inferior Inwardly for unknown reasons
  • Guilt Feelings
  • Unknown Fears & Phobias
  • More Useful for the Most Educated People and Professionals:
  • No ConcentrationIn studies OR at Job
  • Undue Anger – Over Something or Someone in Particular
  • Illusions / Delusions – Imaginary visions voices, not in reality !
  • Suicidal Tendencies – For known or unknown reasons
  • Any kind of Peculiar “Challenging Psy Problems”
  • Entrepreneurship  – Psy Counseling for Business Development
  • Fear in Decision Making – Unable to decide between 2 or more options.

What We Do: