Benefits & Outcomes

Benefits of Yozen Counseling or Yozen Therapy

1. First of all Yozen Therapy is healthy psychology for the highly intelligent person, that makes one a real self. Yes! only the unreal-self that pulls the body and mind of a person, out of shape which results in crippled mental growth, and slow development in all career aspects. The unreal self even suppresses the endocrine system or over stimulate it beyond necessity. It puts the person an undue strain on various vulnerable organs, causing periodic ‘blow-outs’.

2. Yozen Therapy releases those upsurging tension stored in the sub-conscious mind (chitta சித்தம், புத்தி, அகங்காரம்) one by one which are sedimented into layers. And not only that, Yozen therapy gives the feeling of normal throat, a light chest and a stress-free stomach. After having undergone ‘Yozen Therapy’ one can feel his face and jaw relaxing and voice become calmer, but He/She gets a richer quality of speech indeed! Now he would never be afraid to talk to anyone. He talks precisely with more clarity. His/Her heart does not race or palpitate too much with strangers as ever before.

3. Yozen Therapy does not declare that the Post-Yozen aspirants will never again be anxious or unhappy. But assures that despite of their various problems they will be ‘problem-solving’ more realistically to the particular situation. They no longer suffer from inferiority complex, chronic tensions, unknown fears/phobias, or guilt feelings.

4. After the Yozen Therapy process His/Her mind is free from impure impressions or ‘vasanas‘ which is subtle and hidden in the layers of the subconscious mind. And he/she keep always a balanced mind despite many obstacles or adverse circumstances. Then his mind and consciousness become calm and confident when the impressions (vasanas) are totally eradicated.

5. Usually the impure ‘vasanas’ always hiding in the corners of the mind in a mysterious manner and plays tricks with the aspirant. The ‘vasanas’ change their forms like a chameleon and change their perceptions too. And they get suppressed for some time under pressure. But, suddenly burst out and pours undue anger, fear, anxiety, guilt feelings, and other neurotic disorders in an unproportional dimension.

Note: Those kinds of intellectual people only, spoil the family structure, organizations, nations in a subtle or arrogant way due to their utter ignorance and their deeply embedded negative imprints in them. That is why they are unable to manage their stress, lacking in social adaptability and always in raging mood swings, etc. They need suitable guidance/guru/eminent psychologist to uproot all the so-called negatively charged structures!!

Online counseling, career counseling, marriage counseling, relationship counseling, etc from a reputed Psychologist/Guru may bring them back to a normal life, that which was never lived!!

Yes! Here, Yozen Therapy eliminates all those negative impressions (vasanas) totally & completely and in turn, it gives one a sharp intellect and the power of discrimination between the Real and Unreal self, the Good and the Bad, To do or Not to do, etc!! It gives one a clear picture to go ahead to reach his/her desired destination! Then, Success and Values can go hand in hand with him/her ever!!

1. Yozen Self-Development Center offers the Best Psychological Counseling in Chennai. Here, Yozen Therapy makes an aspirant a Real man to lead a Real-life!!

2. The unreal man is always abnormal. When He/She talks with someone, his/her eyes are looking elsewhere, and cannot listen completely. He can hear only what he wants to hear. Most of the time his mind prepares for what he is going to say next. He leads an exaggerated life which is “over-reactive” or “under-reactive” in a specific situation.

3. The unreal man postpones life constantly to the future like, “Someday when things are right, I will go for a tour & enjoy the life”. But he usually never lives in the present. Instead, he clings to a fantasy of how life will be someday in the far future. He tortures others as well as himself for petty things and blaming the wonderful life.

4. The real man lives his/her life ‘here-now’. And he is stable and content to be just where he is and doesn’t have to imagine that real life is ‘out there’ somewhere else. He is neither excessively worried about the future nor perpetually blaming his past. He simply enjoys the present as a gift. The real man is never interested in the exploitation of others. He allows others to be themselves. He never selects too many friends as a buffer to fill his voids or to estimate the lonely feeling of being alone. He is sensitive enough to feel and respect the life of others.

5. The real man will not travel to a lot of Gurus, Go pilgrimage, Study philosophy, steep himself in austerities or cults to seek the meaning of life in a broad philosophical search!! On the contrary, The real man lives his life ‘inside’ and with himself and never feels that something is missing or lost in him. His/Her mind is free from ‘out of life’ words and meaningless jargons. There is no noise, no rattling sound in the head. He certainly knows he is just alive – vitally alive and living the right life in its right proportions.

6. Yozen Therapy makes an aspirant totally ‘himself’. Yozen Therapy believes, once the aspirant knows his real self he cannot be anything else; he could never be brainwashed or hypnotized too! He is self-realized, self-motivated, self-confident & self-sufficient. His intellect and intelligence are in good proportion to meet the challenges of Personal life, family life, Corporate life, and Social life. He/She loves him/herself and never craves recognition from others.

Yes, Yozen Therapy makes an Aspirant a Real man to lead a Real-life for sure!

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