What is the difference between a Psychiatrist and a Psychologist?

The short answer is, Psychiatrists are medical doctors and Psychologists are not so. So, we do drug-less Psychological Counseling and medicine-less Therapy in Yozen Mind Center. To those who need psychiatric help and medicines we will definitely guide them to a suitable and eminent Psychiatrist in Chennai. Thus, these psychiatric medications are used to treat some mental disorders where we Psychologists go astray.

Note: The suffix “-iatry” means “medical treatment,” and “-logy” means “science” or “theory” with No-Medicines. So psychiatry is the medical treatment of the psyche, and psychology is the science of the psyche and its cure without medicines. A Psychiatrist can prescribe medicines but a Psychologist cannot do that ever.

Why Yozen Psy-Counseling is needed for any Normal person?

10 Good Reasons:

  1. People who go to Yozen Counseling are intelligent enough to adjust/ fine-tune their lives!
  2. Receiving counseling is a sign of bravery and the way of mending one’s Life to a positive level.
  3. The fee for Counseling / Therapy would not be costlier than your torturing issues affecting your total Life.
  4. You cannot express out some hidden problems to any of your intimate friends too.
  5. A Good Psychologist / Therapist will understand about your prime issues and its solutions too. Moreover, he will guide you without criticizing your mistakes and shortcomings ever.
  6. 6. Only a wise Therapist will ease yourself and make you feel at home to initiate talking /discussing about your issues, even though you are the kind of person who ‘do not know how to talk freely with others’.
  7. Many times in the history a mere talk or a plain discourse had changed the scenario of several Nations. Why not in your case with an advice/wise guidance of an experienced Psychologist?
  8. Clear mind gives you clear thought and prosperous life which in turns going to be a great benefit for your whole family.
  9. Truth only liberates! Only a Neutral-Minded Psychologist can analyse your problems in a real sense and can give you the right solution to come out of it. Your own friends and people may not find/point out your mistakes and faults in you ever. So, there would be no reformation in you and the result would never be fruitful for your Life.
  10. You need an external help to analyze your problems and its right solutions, though you are good at everything in your life. A confused / fearful mind never gives solutions from the same confused mind ever. You need the help of an intelligent and experienced psychologist now.

Interested in Yozen Therapy?

Interested in Yozen Therapy?

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