People ask me often, that who are all Eligible to take Yozen Counseling and in which condition that Yozen Therapy can be sought for.

My Answer to Yozen Clients and all of You is :

1. Counseling can be given for “All normal people” from different age groups and different educational/career background.

2. Those who seek for Psychological counseling are NOT considered as a ‘seriously affected psychotic patient’.

3. The Man who dare to face the issues, naturally seek help from an expert to come out of it, rest would end in disaster.

4. The Man who ‘himself want to’ get rid of some negative habits can be helped out to attain his goals here.

5. If the affected one is unwilling to cooperate, adamant in his/her logic, arrogance with others can NEVER be helped.

6. Those who are weeping and sobbing to come out of some unknown stress” in their subconscious mind can go for Yozen Therapy. They can utilise Yozen Therapy for the unreasonable fears and phobias also for total cure.

7. Simply to say, whatever emanates from one’s conscious mind and who needs some advice and guidance in Life, he/she can seek for a good, wise and experienced counselor.

8. An important clue is, if you are more knowledgeable you will have more logical and complicated issues in your life. If it is the case, you cannot be satisfied with some mediocre counselors and their ready-made suggestions and advice.

9. Mind is not an object to surrender to anyone and everyone. So, naturally You will seek and search for some competent person with versatile knowledge, out-of-box thinking, ethics, empathy and experience in the field of human psychology.

10. Yes! Mind is a Prime Software, from there only arise all good fortunes in our Life. Take Care of your mind without any stressors inside the mind. Stress can seriously affect both your body and mind and it may offer you depression, anxiety, heart attacks, stroke, hypertension, immune system disturbances etc. Never lose good opportunities and better performance in your Jobs & Careers . Best of Luck and Best Wishes Ever!

-Yozen Balki

21st April 2016